Made in France

Our desire is to work with craft enterprises in order
to contribute to the local economy by always defending the values ​​of Made In France.

The factory we work with has specialised in underwear comfort fine cotton since it was founded in 1949. Located in a small village in the Dordogne, craftsmen have continued the French tradition of textile quality for more than 60 years and only manufacture in the workshops of Saint-Antoine-Cumond.

They include a knitting workshop with knitting frames from the 50s in which the cotton yarn is converted into jersey. These jerseys are then formed in the cutting department before joining the machine floor to create the various items in our collections.


The raw material must pass a series of rigorous tests before being knitted. After carefully selecting the different materials, the bobbins are loaded on the knitting frames and unwind to feed the needles, the movement of which will form the mesh of the knitting (jersey for T-shirts or fleece for our sweatshirts) . It can take several hours to knit the quantity necessary for the manufacture of an item.

The cut

Once finished, it is taken into the room next door for the first operation in creation, which involves cutting the fabric to the shapes and sizes of patterns used exclusively for Sacrebleu. To optimize this, the person in charge of cutting folds the fabric into a ‘mattress’, in which each layer corresponds with an article; in doing so, ten identical items can be cut at the same time.


We must then assemble the fabric sections that will make up the garment: this is the ultimate part of dressmaking/tailoring, which requires highly qualified personnel using highly specialised industrial machinery. Stitching, overcasting, over-seaming overall give the garment its shape.


Strict quality control is performed on each piece before being sent to our silk-screening craftsman.