Mariner's stories


Their family roots are deep in this land of seafarers, so no wonder that these two brothers from Brittany decided to take the plunge … Sons of sailors, Clement and Alexander have been cradled since babyhood by the waves and the scent of wet sand … After all these years rubbing shoulders with the famous French marine sweaters and others that have since become essential, the brothers wanted to deliver a more personal interpretation of the world around them.


Call of the large

Sculpted by waves and windswept, In 2013 Sacrebleu set about designing a rework of the vintage clothes worn by fishermen and other seafarers. True to their legacy, Clément and Alexandre now offer modern pieces of French production while preserving their authenticity. A tribute to those men who are engraved in their memory..


Made in France

All our pieces are fashioned with great care by craftsmen in Dordogne, passionate about their work since the birth of the factory in 1949. Today, all the brand’s creations are manufactured on the same machines as they were long ago, to achieve the same level of excellence. A choice guided by our desire to offer quality clothing but also a commitment to a return to real values.